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Uniz Chuey is an artist based in Oxford and a member of Oxford Printmakers. Her medium of choice includes screenprint, drawing, painting, sculpture and human skin in the form of tattoos.

In this exhibition, She will be launching her new series “Martyrs” . Her older works will be shown alongside. There will be original limited prints as well as giclées prints of her drawings for sale.


This series is dedicated to those without a voice.

Human activity is increasing trapping heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. As a result, our planet’s increasing temperatures are melting ice caps in the Arctic, raising sea-levels, changing rainfall patterns and creating other extreme climate events like hurricanes and cyclones.

Humanity’s greed for profiteering from natural resources for personal gain to feed our insatiable demand for energy is leading to the deterioration of our environment, causing an existential threat for all creatures on earth. In our strive, we forgot about the ones without a voice.

We have a voice, we can speak up and we can shout. However not everyone is that lucky. Climate crisis has caused untold suffering. 

We must speak out and shout, not only for us but also for those who does not possess a voice of their own. This is my way of shouting for them, the Martyrs of the climate crisis.

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