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Tattoo Disclaimer

Please read the following notices and if you consent to all, sign by ticking at the bottom of the form. Consent is between yourself and the artist only and not between any third parties. This contract is not binding on any third parties.

I freely, in all mental and physical capacity, do give my consent to allow the artist named below to tattoo the agreed location with the agreed design. I hereby release the artist of all liabilities and actions in law and consent to take full responsibility for the care of my tattoo as soon as I have left the studio premises.

I hereby state that I am over the age of 18, the legal age at which a tattoo can be administered. The artist has the right to ask to see identification before consenting to administer tattoo. They have the right to refuse anyone who does not prove that they are of legal age.

I hereby state that I understand the inks used are supplied by reputable suppliers and I am not allergic to any know ingredients but am aware that due to the sensitivity of some people, an adverse reaction may occur. I release the artist from any liability should this occur.

I hereby state that I am aware that the process of healing may take two or more weeks and agree that any damage caused by my own negligence during this time, will be corrected by the business but at my own expense only.

I hereby state that I am aware of the consequences skin tone has on the colouration of some tattoos, effecting the brightness and depth of colour. I release the artist from any liability should the colour or brightness not be as expected. This does not extend to the actual design of the tattoo.

I understand that I have the right to, at any stage, stop the progression of the tattoo. That I have the right to see all certificates of qualification. That I have the right to have all procedures discussed in full before commencement of the tattoo application.

I understand that the tattoo procedure may be painful, that in some circumstances, it may cause a feeling of nausea and on extreme occasion cause the customer to faint. I hereby agree to follow the advise of the artist in order to secure my own health and safety.

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