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Junior Artist


Mobile: 07507382138


Personal Profile

Bridget 2.jpg

My art most of the time is built around surrealism and fantasy. I can’t explain the reason, maybe because it reminds me of my childhood or the child within myself.

My belief is that in every grown up there are the fragments of the inner child. We want to get involved more in grown up life with all the aspects and dark, cold reality, however we can sometimes forget about the happiness for the small, seemingly insignificant things.

I have a great imagination which has enabled me to create art which has been used for tattoo design on my friends. This recognition encouraged me to take a step in the path to learn and perfect the craft of tattooing.


I love the intricacy of art and my attention to detail enables me to display my ability to achieve the best art I can but in this case on human skin. I get huge satisfaction when I see my customers leave the studio with a huge smile on their faces.

Bridget Gajdo: Bio
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